Upholstery a saddlery Rekovi

Welcome to webpage of one of the largest custom car upholstery in the Czech Republic

Our firm is mainly specialized in the vehicle upholstery. We manufacture and repair car upholstery of any cars from the oldest (the oldest car came from 1903 so far) till totally new cars (because extra offer of car factories does not have to suit someone). Including canvas roofs- simple ones and thermal insulated as well- so called winter roofs. Then we repair any motorcycle saddles and motorcycle specials as well, we upholster sidecars. We upholster three-wheel and four-wheel Velorexes, we upholster dashboards and steering wheels with leather. Our effort is to fulfil out the most demanding wishes as well. The quality is the most important for our firm. We have trained experts and specialists for individual car upholstery works for years of working. Thanks to this way, when expert makes for example only roofs (or motorcycle saddles or different ones) and does not change to another car upholstery works, we reach the quality of processing which is minimally compared with the original. We also offer free advisory service. It is necessary for renovation of especially precious and historically precious veterans because it is necessary to reckon with some preparatory works during of bodywork renovation.

We also provide transport of vehicle.

We are the biggest car upholstery firm in Czech Republic in quantity of made car upholstery and canvas roofs.

Sometimes our clients know us by the name of upholsterers from Písek, upholstery Písek, Písek upholsterers and etc.