We can arrange almost all materials for car upholstery for our clients. Cotton roof hoods (manufactured on order, only for our firm), imported roof hoods – branded Sonnenland (made in different colours not only in black but except white) and plastic roof hoods (used in some American vehicles, VW Golf and Ford Escort). Most of leather roofs are usualy in the stock. Just some colours are available on order (for example violet).

We offer the range of more than hundreds of plain leatherettes. We do not use the modern leatherettes with streaking and deep irregular pattern. We are probably the only one who have leatherettes in the stock, which were used for Czechoslovakia vehicles – Felicia cars, Octavia cars, Velorexes, Motorcycle saddles,… in 50s and 60s.

We can arrange any leathers for new vehicles- BMW and MB collection including the new perforation. We can also arrange the perforation for the cars of 60s- used in Mercedes of S class and some Jaguar cars. We also offer leather for historic vehicles and in all colours and patterns.

It the standard book of patterns does not suit (it is more than hundred of colours and patterns), it is possible to manufacture the leather on order

We mostly use imported materials for fabric upholsteries. The original fabrics which were used for example for Praga Piccolo, Mercedes 170, Tatra 11/12 and many others are still made. This fabrics are available just on order and their delivery take some time. We also can arrange the manufacturing of any fabric on order.

We offer the range of original bouclé rugs and plush rugs whoch were mostly used for more luxury vehocles. Plush rugs are also in pastel colours, bouclé rugs are mostly in less conspicuous colours.

You can buy most of materials. We talk about the quality car uphlstery materials (mostly imported). If you think that the price of furniture and car upholstery leather for veteran car is different it is because of they are absolutely different materials. We cel deliver the materials which are in the stock in a few days but we are not able to arrange for somebody for example 1 square meter of made – to – order leather, 10 pieces of atypically patents or manufacture few meters of fabric. In these cases, the expenses for providing material severalfold axceed the price of materials.

Sale of materials

We also offer a sale of some kinds of materials. We talk about the materials which we usualy use- roof hoods, plastic for convertible windows, patterns, rugs for veteran cars, leatherette and some kinds of leathers. We only sale the materials which we usually use.

Selling of materials is just our supplemental service. Our main work duty is to manufacture the upholstery. Therefore it can happen that not all materials immediately in the stock. The priority is to supply our firm with the materials.

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