Uplhostery info

1. What we do

All upholstery must be always formed as finished technological whole. This is our effort at production.

We manufacture roofs according to vehicle and with installing (except GAZ 69 and Felicia cars). So our client could see what he buys. We best make rugs, seats and sides including montage to vehicle. Upholstering should be one of the last works on vehicle.

Sometimes (at expressed client´s request) we manufacture part of interior upholstery without the vehicle. Unfortunately, it is needed to calculate that not all exactly fits. If you choose this alternative – mostly because of transport complication, it will be needed to adjust some parts. In mainly relates sides, rugs, rear slats… It is necessary to calculate the original patterns could be suitable wrong, they can be twisted by moisture effect and unsuitable storage, the tinsmith did not make original plays for upholstery (very often case!!!) and so on.It is a similar case like when you bring old trousers to the tailor and you want him to make new ones according to the old ones. And without fitting. That is why if you decide to manufacture upholstery without vehicle, calculate with this, that it will possibly need to adjust something. Of course, bring your vehicle and we will complete the upholstery and we will suit it into the vehicle.

At repair od bodywork (sometimes and also mostly) the tinsmith forget that there will be an upholstery on vehicle.

Sometimes the client assigns the upholstering to another firm and we manufacture for example only the roof whith the local upholsterer can not manufacure. In this case, it is necessary to realise that roof upholstery goes after interior upholstery, there must be preparation for attachment of seats in rugs, front sides must go to rear sides and so on. The problems can arise again there. Something is not finished or it has to be remade.

We also manufacture semi-products which has to be adjusted and installed for example roof ceilings to limousines. It is always about semi-product which has to be adjusted and installed.

2. What we do not do:

We do not do finishing after other upholsterers in any case.

Do not try such requests at us:

  • my friend sewed me the roof but he does not have time to stretch it out
  • I have sewed seat upholsteries, it is just needed to finish them
  • I have newly upholstered interior and it is just needed to install it
  • Roofs for convertibles according to old roof or according to car sizes we have manufactured more than 1000 roofs for convertibles(probably as the only ones in Czech republic) and that is why we can resposibly state – manufacturing of roof just according to the old one without fitting on vehicle is foolishness.

    3. Car upholstery is stand – alone branch

    Car upholstery has just minimum joint things with upholstering of beds, doors, furniture and so on. Mostly all banches are specialized in individual activities. Only at upholsterers it is not different. Specialist at ancient furniture can manufacture roof for convertible, specialist at bed mattresses can manufacture rugs for luxury car. I really doubt that for example a woman instead od going to hairdresser would go to barber and that you would assign car varnish to firm which varnish block doors.

    We have upholstered more pre-war Rolls-Royce cars than Tatras 87 and T 603 for last 10 years. The reason is very simple. Just a few people have the courage to do R+R cars. T 603 is manufactured “some” plush, it is fadded with plastic foam and on the deck we put a piece of rubber or a rug in price 20 CZK/m. At T 87 is changed shape of rear seat, side sewing through is a bit easier, upholstery cotton wool is substituted with plastic foam and woolen rugs are substituted with something which is remotely similar. Just quality material costs about 60 000 CZK for T 87.

    Just someone can manufacture this upholstery for less the 300 working hours. Of course, less quality material for less money can be used and it reduces number of working hours at detriment of upholstery processing. But unfortunately the upholstery, the varnish and the chrome are the most visible.


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