Upholstery for Skoda Felicia – Roadster

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Canvas roofs

We manufacture roofs of quality black (fadeless)roof hood with grey lining for Škoda Felicia cars. Material is 100% cotton with waterproof alternation. Roofs are in 2 types – older variant (installation on removeable frame) and newer variant (installation is directly on bodywork). Roofs are hemed with leatherette – standardly in black , red, white and beige colour. On request it is possible to sew roof without window (Š – 450, glass window in frame) or colour roof or made of imported materials.
We also supply covers for folded up roof – leatherette, of roof hood, in different coloured and hemed (we have a few tens of combinations). Set of patents for attachment of canvas roof and covers are included in the price of products.

Interior upholstery

We mostly manufacture this upholstery of original leatherettes (nowaday it is red, wine, beige, white and black colour) and in the range according to client´s request. We just need construction of front seats – we make the all others new. Of course, everything is possible for request (different materials, interior in leather and so on). In ´materails´ section you can see materials which are used for Felicia cars upholstering.


We can sew rugs according to client´s request in arbitrary combinations to Felicia cars.

All upholstered parts for Felicia cars are possible to take away individually, without installing, with partly installing or you can have the vehicle completely upholstered.

Something about Felicia cars

Seeing that 2 basic types of Felicia cars were made, we want to show you the differences in used roofs and upholsteries.

Older type – it was made after Š-450 till holidays in 1961.

  • The roof was attached on removeable frame and short laminate was installed instead of this framework.
  • There was fron bench (but it is not the same as Octavia bench!)
  • The dashboard was so called ´Kaplička´

Newer model (after holidays in 1961)

  • The roof is installed directly on the bodywork and long laminate is fixed on folded up roof
  • Separate fron seats are used there (2 types)
  • The dashboard is upholstered with leatherette
  • Rear wings



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