Leather upholstery

We only use special car upholstery leathers for car upholstery. The leathers are completely engrained (only sprayed leather chafes) with colour fast colours. Thickness of the leathers is 1,2 – 1,4 mm, it is the same as in the past. Weaker leathers have different qualities and the upholstery is not processed as the original.

Colours and patterns:
Forasmuch as most of our leathers are made on order, we can provide any colour, shade and pattern of leather. It is not problem to provide the leather which is needed just at repair or complement of the interior. In our offer there are also so called veined leathers, in original colour combination as they were used in 20s and 30s. We deliver some leathers from the producers who are specialized in car upholstery leathers for veteran cars. They offer about 200 colours, so we can provide original leathers for Mercedes, Jaguar and another luxury cars from 50s till the present. And including the original perforation. In our offer there are no leathers with artificial surface (they are cheaper enough!).

Manufacturing of custom-made leathers lasts from 3 weeks to 2 months. Calculate with that and choose the leather earlier.

We do not use leathers which are brought by clients because just few people can provide quality car upholstery leather. Car upholstery leather is not standardly produced and our effort is to do quality works including the guarantee. There would be a problem with providing of guarantee because most of materials would be provided by client (actually most of services or garages do not want you to provide the parts, this period is gone). Because of these reasons we do not mostly sell the leather. Just few people can determine exact consumption. It is needed to calculate with different jump cut at some colours and patterns. Comparing with prices of furniture leathers, clothes leathers and etc. Is disadvantage for us.

Fabric upholstery

We use the materials which are suitable for cars or for other vehicles. We standardly have offer of different types of fibres, colours and patterns (several hundreds of patterns). You can choose the fabric of 80-95% originality. We can provide fully original fabric for historic vehicles. Unfortunately, in this case the price grows of machine preparation and installing. Some original fabrics for post-war vehicles (almost German vehicles) are still produced in Europe. We do not use nylon plush and similar unoriginal materials for veteran cars.

Some materials are in the stock but it is needed to order the other materials several weeks earlier. At original custom-made fabrics you have to calculate that it will last from 2 to 3 months.

Leatherette upholstery

In our offer there are original leatherettes so called Czechoslovakia products from 50s and 60s. The other car upholstery leatherettes are imported. They are plain car upholstery leatherettes from 50s to the present.

–  We have smaller leatherette offer- number of patterns is a bit over hundred
–  We have not leatherettes from the first half of 20th century because of high price. They      were produced by little different technology.
–  If there is an interest about them in the future, we will be able to provide them.


We do upholstery in such way as it was done in time of its formation. At renovation the best is when you dismantle original upholstery and you put it into the bags. Especially if you have interesting and very old car it is better to dismantle these parts yourself. You can find out a lot about original processing. New wooden skeletons and spring strings are self-evident. We dismantle seats with metal frame, repair broken parts and we ensure sanding and spray painting. We can produce new fillings (fillings of doors and sides).

Into seats, there must be put spring strings again. And seats must be stuffed with cotton wool fillings and sponge again (no plastic foam).Materials of plastic foam type were used in 60s. And Felicia has seats which are filled with upholstery cotton wool. We also save original ways of seat stripes. Of course, it would be possible to simplify it instead of original sewing and by this way decrease the price a lot. But our aim is again to offer the quality not the cheapness.

Car rugs

If you have lovely upholstery it is good to have also beautiful car rug. Into vehicle from the first half of 20th century belong original woollen “Bouclé” rugs. They are manufactured mostly in neutral colours from light beige to black. Rug colour should harmonize with complete interior. Into newer vehicles we are able to provide so called plush rugs and in nearly all possible colours in such way to harmonize with upholstery colour. For example, on ZIL vehicle of former president and general secretary of Communist party of Czechoslovakia Dr. Husák there was interior in 2 colours. The front part was in darker leather than in the rear part and plush rugs exactly harmonize with leather colour. Rugs are sewed up by leather. Similar solution have to also very luxury vehicles from the second half of 20th century. In renovated veteran cars, rugs have their irreplaceable place. Only way of producing and used materials support (do not support) vehicle upholstery. So called weight rugs and other plastic doormats are better to use for block halls but certainly not to interesting veteran cars. You can buy these rugs in different sales for price under 50 CZK/ square meter, whereas original woollen “Bouclé” rug can cost 2200 CZK/square meter. We can put producer mark, logo or others on car rugs (and on other upholstery).

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