Top for vintage cars

We manufacture convertible tops for veteran cars of quality cotton roof hood which is pruduced according to original technology. Black fabric is bleached maximally at degree of stable colour 4-5. That is why the vehicles with this roof have to be kept in the garage.

In actual offer we have several colours- from fair beige to black.

We use branded Sonnenland (in more colours) for newer vehicles.

Top for other cars

Our firm can sew roofs for almost all vehicles including new vehicles. For these roofs we use branded imported materials which you can see in “roof hood” section.

In some cases we also offer the roof repairs- replacements of damaged parts, crashed plastic windows, replacements of zips and attached patents and etc.

We also manufacture roofs for military and combat vehicles and for various recontructions. We also sew cover for folded up roof.

Material for window of convertible cars

We only use branded imported plastic which is intended for convertible windows. The possible choice- transparent (clear), green (original BMW) and flaming.


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