Upholstery for Velorex

Our upholstery is made of quality leatherette which resist meteorological conditions and it comes in many different colours (including original dark brown). You can browse the leatherettes and the roof hoods in “MATERIALS” section.

Visit also our photogalery of Velorex.

For roofs we use colour fast roof hood. The most used is the black roof hood (and it stays black) and you can also choose from other colours.

At individual order it is possible almost to make any colour combinations, different coloured hems and other adaptations according to client´s request. Manufacturing of the upholstery does not usually exceed the period of 1-2 weeks.

Standard upholstery covers, a few types of roofs and seats are permanently in the stock.

We also upholster four-wheel Velorexes.

The complete upholstery can be installed on client´s request.

Four-wheel Velorex

Four- wheeler is the example of what Socialist industry proved to manufacture in the beginning of 70s. Even though the front mudguard and the bonnet are laminate. Upholstering of them is difficult as upholstering of classic three- wheeler.
Four- wheelers were possibly made in worst quality than their forerunner. That is why we do not standardly manufacture parts for vehicle without montage (each part is original) and we upholster four- wheelers according to frame. So it needs painted frame on wheeôs, door and window constructions. We also recommend front and rear mudguards because there are differences in attachment. Manufacturing of upholstery covers, seats (parts over engine), roof, windows takes about 100 working hours including montage on the vehicle. Grey plain leatherette is only imported nowadays.
The price of some parts- roof, seat (there is no discount which is for three- wheeler seats), windows, thresholds will be almost the same as the price of three- wheeler. So complete upholstery costs from 30 000 to 32 000 CZK (in the price list of 2008).

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