Our veteran cars

Nowadays we have these veteran cars:

Praga 500 B.D. (1929)

We exchanged GAZ (military) for this motorcycle in 1989. The motorcycle lay a few ten years in a barn and it was broken down. Now, a few years after renovation it has valid registration number. Mr Krajíček´ s firm from Šternberk helped us with the renovation.

Velorex 16/350 (1972)

Vehicle was bought in 1997 in gamekeeper´ s lodge near Kašperské hory. Velorex was parked a few years outside, because it was not exported abroad as it was planned before. We bought it for 5 000 CZK. Nowadays, after complete renovation- at first we dismantled it, then we sanded frame and we bought most of new parts. If you are interested in total price, you will be really surprised. If you calculate all works and materials, the total cost was about 90 000 CZK.

Mercedes W116/280 SE (1975)

We bought this vehicle in 1998 for entertainment and as a need to have spare car. Mercedes was parked near a Prague path in on half deflated tyres and leaves from trees were on it. After seller´s coming and installation of battery it started at first turning of key and the voice was nice and deep from 6-cylinder engine with distribution system 2x OHC. It had ten owners since 1990 but it is in original state so far (only position corrosion). We admired its technical excellence (output of 185 HP, max. speed is 200km/hour, acceleration from 0 to 100km/hour takes 9.9 sec.). Instead of mending of corrosion W 116 we bought the same vehicle in 2002 and it has done 60 000 km. It followed small reconstruction and this vehicle is the same as the original.

Norton ES 2 (1959)

Motorcycle was bought in 1994 in Brno as 30 years old vehicle in socialist Czechoslovakia, without possibility of purchasing original spare parts. Front fork was joined glued by epoxide, corners of tank were little cut, the alternator was used only for ignition and so on. In 2000 the motorcycle was renovated (even though the renovation could be done better and more professionally).

Norton Dominator, model 99 (1959)

We bought it in 8 boxes, made in Switzerland. Nowadays it is preparing for renovation.

Tree-wheelr Ortopedie (1948)

In summer 2001 we bought three-wheeler ORTOPEDIE from 1948 (engine ČZ 125B, with registration number).

Three wheeler ČZ 150 c (1952)

In 2002 we bought three-wheeler ČZ 150c from 1952 from Lipník nad Be?vou spas. The first owner- the ROH hotel, they used it for transport of suitcases for customers. Recently, it transported grass for rabbits. The state is very original (except rear mudguards).

Tatra 75 cabrio (1935)

Jirka Křeček from Brno found it in 1986 near Písek. Original owner wanted to do tractor from it. State was poor. Wheels were in the soil in the barn, hens laid eggs on the seat. We bought it for only 1000 CZK. Today the price is funny but at that time it was nearly three months bonuses of a wife. We found out that this vehicle was ordered for Schwarzenberg´ s central headquarters in Hluboká nad Vltavou. To this vehicle we also bought limousine T 75 in very poor state but it had registration number.

Porsche 944 (1982)

In 2005 we bought Porsche 944. It was imported from SRN. 163 HP, 2,5l, 4 cylinder, max. 220km/h.

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